Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kung Fu Jungle (一个人的武林) Movie Review

I watched the movie preview of Kung Fu Jungle (一个人的武林) yesterday, courtesy of migme. It's a highly anticipated movie because director Teddy Chan made it as a tribute to Hong Kong action cinema. While I couldn't identify all the cameos (I think I watch more HK dramas than action movies), I did recognise a few famous action stars like Tony Leung and Jackie Chan who appeared in the funniest places - the latter in a TV programme within the movie.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Life with a Dog

I love dogs, but I've never had a dog... until February this year, that is.

I had been experiencing anxiety problems for about a year since 2013, partly due to the low-frequency vibrations that had been bothering me at night. A lot of things were hanging in the balance for me - thesis, sleep, mental well-being - and I felt so tired of struggling with my problems. My dad, trying his best to find a solution for me, suggested getting me a dog. He figured that a dog would get my mind off my anxieties and give me a sense of purpose (apart from thesis).

He was mostly right. In February 2014, we went to an adoption drive and it was there that Holly first entered my life.