Sunday, 23 November 2014

The OL Life

Ah yes, I've finally become what I've always dreaded - an office lady (OL). To me, that term ages someone by a decade; I flinch when someone calls me an OL. Somehow the student life I had half a year ago seemed so free of responsibilities. Or maybe it's just the nostalgia speaking. In any case, I still feel the same. I still have the same spirit of fun, because youthfulness is a state of mind.

Working life isn't as bad as I thought, probably because I'm not working in a large corporation and doing a soul-sucking job. I'm enjoying myself learning how to do things which are not only specific to this job, but will be useful for internet marketing and business in general.

I love the office culture and the people, and I love the Pacman wall beside my table.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kung Fu Jungle (一个人的武林) Movie Review

I watched the movie preview of Kung Fu Jungle (一个人的武林) yesterday, courtesy of migme. It's a highly anticipated movie because director Teddy Chan made it as a tribute to Hong Kong action cinema. While I couldn't identify all the cameos (I think I watch more HK dramas than action movies), I did recognise a few famous action stars like Tony Leung and Jackie Chan who appeared in the funniest places - the latter in a TV programme within the movie.